Online Pure Player
Taking impulse buying to new heights

With our Search-by-image feature, this online retailer has increased the average order size by 20% and has witnessed 3X its app retention. The gap between “see” and “buy” has been reduced, giving every consumer instant gratification in one click.

American Retailer
Delivering a seamless Search-by-image experience of online shoppers

Canadian Fashion Retailer offers smarter search experience of online shoppers where the journey from the discovery of a product to check-out is 15x faster than other searches, improving its NPS score by 20%.

Making all visual ‘monetizable’

The WE by Adzuki helps style influencers to monetize their wardrobes. By adding search-by-image functionality, influencers reduce the amount of time dedicated to finding more accurate style recommendations by 70%, being able monetize their visuals faster.