Creating a smarter product discovery experience

Privalia sees a 7% increase in conversion rate for shoppers who click on the AI-powered product recommendation based on what they are inspired to buy

Online Pure Player
Taking impulse buying to new heights

With our Search-by-image feature, this online retailer has increased the average order size by 20% and has witnessed 3X its app retention. The gap between “see” and “buy” has been reduced, giving every consumer instant gratification in one click.

American Retailer
Delivering a seamless Search-by-image experience of online shoppers

Canadian Fashion Retailer offers smarter search experience of online shoppers where the journey from the discovery of a product to check-out is 15x faster than other searches, improving its NPS score by 20%.

Bringing the store assistant of the future, together

Mercaux empowered their retail platform with AI solutions to transform sales people from Benetton or French Connection into effective style advisors, improve AOV, customer satisfaction, and in-store sales up to 14%.

Making all visual ‘monetizable’

The WE by Adzuki helps style influencers to monetize their wardrobes. By adding search-by-image functionality, influencers reduce the amount of time dedicated to finding more accurate style recommendations by 70%, being able monetize their visuals faster.